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Bibble 5 Lite is a powerful asset management and image editing application.  Bibble 5 Lite is an easy to use, powerful image management and editing software tool designed to help users handle their digital images in a flexible and fast way. Bibble Lite provides several different ways of organising your images and cataloguing your images with folders, tags or keywords. Import of many popular RAW file formats and an unique Canon Camera RAW converter are included. Bibble 5 Lite will save files to Tiff, jpg, RAW and PSD formats. Bibble 5 Lite Key Features: * Import RAW Canon images and convert them directly to a variety of file formats. * Import Canon Camera RAW Converter. * Batch convert RAW images to other formats. * Generate thumbnails from RAW files. * Catalog your images into folders, tags or keywords. * Powerful RAW convert tool that can handle all sizes of images. * Import and organise JPEGs. * Import and generate metadata from your images. * High performance and optimized for single core CPU. * Built-in RAW converter with Canon Camera Raw Converter. * Optimized RAW converter to convert a variety of RAW file formats in a flash. * Multiple correction profiles to achieve accurate RAW conversions. * All popular compression profiles, such as ZIP, BZIP2, RAR, 7z, LZH, TLZ, SST. * All popular filenames formats, including EXIF, IPTC, EXIF and PNG. * Bibble 5 Lite with Full and Lite versions are available. Buy on VDE: Bibble is now Corel AfterShot Pro! Bibble is a fast, flexible photographic workflow application.  Bibble is designed to help you optimize your digital photographic images and to help you organize and catalog those images. It allows you to adjust and optimize your images very quickly, and to batch adjust and convert these images to prints, send via email, share on the web or edit or view in other applications. Bibble provides three major categories of features: Asset Management, Image Editing, and Output Generation At its core, Bibble features a proprietary image pipeline that yields accurate color through custom profiles and delivers blazing speed through platform specific optimizations. Based on over four years of experience, the image processing algorithms consistently deliver the most detailed artifact-free raw conversions available. In today's rapidly changing digital environment we also know that many of you, even within a single a5204a7ec7

Bibble 5 is feature packed and fully customizable. Based on over 4 years of experience this new version has some really useful features and is packed with features in every area. Most important is the new high quality RAW conversion engine that delivers the most detailed color image on the market. Bibble 4 was the fastest and most accurate image converter. A feature that not many people use is the ability to convert to BMP and other Windows image formats directly from Bibble. Bibble also has long been a popular choice to convert JPEG images for use in web sites. Now in Bibble 5 JPEG images can also be converted to BMP and other Windows image formats directly from Bibble. Bibble also can now convert BMP images to JPG and many other common image formats. An added bonus of this feature is that only the image file itself is re-written. No loss of metadata and no conversion of the file format. Bibble 5 includes a Photoshop Plug Plug version of the Bibble JPEG metadata extractor. Bibble 5 is also fully USB tethered shooting compatible. Bibble 5 can now also be used with external monitors mouse devices. The application also includes a tethered shooting function that allows Bibble to monitor the metering of the camera and automatically adjust the manual ok settings. Bibble 5 has a new RAW conversion engine that performs much faster than any other raw converter on the market. Because Bibble is a RAW converter it can convert images to JPEG or many other image formats without losing any features of the original image. Bibble is also the only software application that will properly convert cameraRAW files to JPEG's without losing any features of the original RAW files. Bibble 5 also has the ability to edit and catalog your images via a new feature called "Bibble Catalog". Bibble Catalog allows you to organize all of your Bibble images in a single folder. You can tag, ratings, categorize, and even group your images based on date and location. Bibble Catalog works on all platforms including Mac, Windows, and Linux. __________________________________________________________Bibble 5 Lite/Bibble 4 can be used to view, catalog, and edit photos, as well as to optimize and convert photos to another format such as.jpg,.pdf,.tif, or.bmp. You can even add keywords to the images. Like an internal database Bibble 5 has a very customizable image catalog and detailed tag properties. Both of these features make it easy to find individual images. Email This Product to a FriendEnter email address


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